To introduce products and services exclusively to the target market, we do from exhibitions to world expositions, we engage the senses. Our turnkey, concept-to-knockdown services make anything and everything possible for both emerging and mature industries around the world. A creative and comprehensive concept for exhibition where the target markets will not just receive information about product and services during exhibition, but also get education on it through interactive programs and entertainment. Our goal is quite simple, the target markets should get the best information and at the end to take action by buying the product or services. Innovation energizes strategies into memorable yet practical realities.


Sampling that we believe as an Introduction that leads to success is one sure method of putting a product directly into the consumer’s hands. Sampling allows consumers to try a product with no financial risk or perceived as a gift for some consumers, and therefore may generate considerable goodwill. No other way is better than sampling when it comes to persuade the target audience to try the product. Sampling can be a good way to build or broaden sales of an established brand in fringe or new geographic area. Sampling techniques are often limited or dictated by the product itself, But in Sniper, sampling is not limited just a matter of product trial. With a long experience in this field, sampling can be improved into consumer education, market survey, personal database management and other activities depending on the client’s need.

Sales Force

As the front line to sell product, sales force play an important role to achieve sales target. A combination of well trained with good selling skill and good product knowledge, sales force will help the companies to achieve its target.

Media Relation

There are some communication way to build company image. One of this is media relation, a program to implement companies goodwill to the public in general. We coordinating directly with the people responsible for producing the news and features in the mass media in a positive, consistent and credible manner to maximize positive coverage in the mass media without paying for it directly through advertising. A Big events which are taking big money, will gain its maximal impact if we combine it with a good media relation.


Merchandising program aims to get a stronger branding of particular products in outlets which finally will generate an incremental sales. Our service on the methods, practices, and operations in this area consists of creative, production, installment and maintenance. We are maximizing merchandise sales includes physical presentation of products and creative displays and the decisions about which products should be presented to which customers and what time the best to do it.


It is another challenge to gather specific consumer in a specific program. Convention is one of alternative ways to build a special relationship to the particular consumer. This can be in a form of introduction of new product or special education to enhance consumers knowledge of related product usage.

Team Building

The distributors play a key role in market penetration of product. We have developed management system exclusive for distributor in order to monitor every changes in the market and also to give high value on data of sales, consumers input, trend, incentive for distributor and other input as clients need. Other programs are training for service quality and motivation development for distributors and staffs. We do variety of tasks designed to develop group members and their ability to work together effectively. There are many types of team building activities that range depend on the management hierarchy which are designed for specific needs. We assist teams in becoming cohesive units of individuals that can effectively work together to complete tasks


We create and oversee events, embrace initial concepts and provide essential on-site support services. We employ state-of-the-art multimedia facilities, while our event management specialists blend stunning visuals, music, choreography and special effects to create memories that lingers long after the event. Event indoor is made to create an exciting product launch event, dealers gathering and other events, you will need a detailed concept and careful execution. In the other hand, event outdoor is made t o create an exciting and successful Outdoor event and to invite 50.000 or more audience, we will need a detailed concept and careful execution because it’s not an easy job to gather such numbers of people, especially when those people are fit to our clients’ target market.